We are a family of four, so this is a family gig, we do roll as a team.

Our family passion for the water has been as natural as breathing - Brad, who is working in the shop, grew up on a Wakeboard and Skateboard. He’s from a back story of managing a Wake Boarding outlet in Hamilton, working in shops thru his teens like this one and He’s definitely referred to in the Wakeboarding family as "Mr. go to”, You will find him in front of the shop and running our website. Morgan our daughter, she’s been helping behind the scenes with the stock purchase for the coming seasons. She has a wake coaching school, and can mostly be found on a boat, and on the water, so she’s brought an influence into our ranges for active swimwear, and easy style to the clothing for work or play in the coming seasons. (Ladies those tops to keep it all together are on their way) you may also recognise her from Hautapu after school care or Cookie time at Christmas time (check out Shreddy NZ for more on Morgans Wakeboard coaching if that's your hot button).

Warren, well he’s our money man, he’s managing the books, although you may have seen him on Market day Sundays, and the occasional Saturday on the Shop floor. He’s from a Sign background so watch the space in the new shop for some of his handy work, however, he does spend his weekdays in a Placemakers uniform on building sites. Then there's me, I'm Fay, in the wakeboarding family I'm Mumma Fay, so I answer to both, and you will find me between the shop floor at Point Break, or Gabriels Fashions… And soon Midnight Ivy, but that's a new story… I'm the go to person, the glue I guess. People are my thing, I'm from a background of Hairdressing and teaching that, and a driving school, so no 2 days were the same, and nothings changed here.

We are lucky to have a great team of people working with us, and they do share our vision for "our version" of Point Break, and we feel lucky to have them on our side. We look forward to meeting you too, so say Gidday, it’ll be nice to meet you.

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