Hyperlite 2023 Gromcast Kids Wakesurf 3'9"
Kids unite behind the boat, this time while wakesurfing with Hyperlite’s Gromcast. Spawned from the Broadcast series, the Gromcast is an easy to surf fun shape for all kids to enjoy. The wide profile provides the needed surface area but...
Liquid Force Wake Foamie Skim Surfer
Fun times with the WF Skim, super lightweight, learn that shove or big spin with ease! Don't let the foam deck fool youl! From Harley Clifford himself, "when I jumped on this board for the first time, I couldn't tell...
Hyperlite 2023 Broadcast Wakesurfer
Jump into the wakesurf lifestyle with the Broadcast. This shape provides great performance for any ability level. The Dual Concave Base feature and new rocker line provide a fast responsive ride. It allows advanced riders to air out and generate...
Hyperlite 2023 Automatic Wakesurfer
Another brainchild from Scott Bouchard, the Automatic delivers a floaty surf vibe spawned from the beaches and wakes of Florida. Featuring our all new Full Carbon DuraShell Construction, the Automatic looks and surfs better than the rest. DuraShell includes top...
Liquid Force Twinzer Wakesurf
Built for the surfer that wants a fast, lively, and loose ride while still having enough bite to power through big bottom turns and cutbacks. The Twinzer features a unique four fin configuration using a small front canard fin placed...
$1,799.99 $1,450.00
Hyperlite 2022 Buzz Wakesurf
The Buzz was created to bridge the gap between skim and surf style boards, giving you the best of both worlds. The shape was crafted by Butch to be the fastest and most maneuverable board in the Hyperlite wakesurf line-up....
$1,099.00 $875.00
Connelly Jet Wakesurfer 4’10”
By far the most aggressive bottom shaping we’ve ever used on a surfer. The result is one of the most dynamic rides ever made that’s free and maneuverable at the top of the wave and has rocket boosting speed on...
$1,849.00 $1,385.00
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