Globe The All-Time 35" Longboard - Ombre
The All-Time in Ombre is a long wheelbase Resin-8 hard rock maple cruiser shape with mellow concave and kick tail. Featuring 150mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks, 65mm 78a wheels and black and printed griptape. MATERIALS• 35.875" x 9" x 22.25"WB...
Globe Pintail 44" Longboard - Purple / Shape Faze
A full length flexy pintail, great for carving The Pintail 44 in Purple/Shape Faze is a classic pintail longboard constructed with Resin-7 hard rock maple with cambered flex and a mellow side to side concave, 180mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks...
Globe Pinner Classic 40" Longboard - Zebra Wood / Epitome
Classic pintail longboard with a kicktail. The Pinner Classic 40 in Zebrawood/Epitome features mellow concave with kicktail and is constructed from Zebrawood + hard rock maple.
Globe G0 Fubar 8.0" Skateboard Complete - Black / Pink
The G0 Fubar Complete 8.0" in Black/Pink is a basic logo board with mellow concave and steep kick. Featuring deck constructed from Resin-7 hard rock maple, 5.25" Slant trucks, 52mm 99a wheels and black grip tape. 
Penny Complete Postcard Highland 22" Skateboard
Highland 22" uses characters and elements of the American National Parks, their icons and fictional characters such as Smokey the Bear and Big Foot, as well as long, windy roads perfect for downhill skate sessions. The art emulates the novelty...
$200.00 $150.00
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