Penny Complete Ocean Mist 22" Skateboard
The Ocean Mist was inspired by aerial photography of the Australian coastline. The coastal hue of the teal blue deck contrasts with the sand colored wheels and adds an uplifting freshness to Penny that's a major key for summer vibes....
Penny Complete Postcard Highland 22" Skateboard
Highland 22" uses characters and elements of the American National Parks, their icons and fictional characters such as Smokey the Bear and Big Foot, as well as long, windy roads perfect for downhill skate sessions. The art emulates the novelty...
Blind Tantrum FP Skateboard Complete 8.0
Honestly, we don't know why this set-up is called the Tantrum First Push 8.0" Complete Skateboard because a hissy fit is the last thing on our minds if we are riding this one! With a dope graphic and Blind's premium...
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