Blind Character R7 Nassim Lachhab 8.375" Skateboard Deck
Features: Pro model: Nassim Deck size: 8.375" X 32.2" Deck shape: Popsicle Wheelbase: 14.25" Construction: Resin-7 North American maple Combining 7ply birch with epoxy resin This deck is strong, retains its pop and is long lasting Full concave Steep kick...
Blind Tantrum FP Skateboard Complete 8.0
Honestly, we don't know why this set-up is called the Tantrum First Push 8.0" Complete Skateboard because a hissy fit is the last thing on our minds if we are riding this one! With a dope graphic and Blind's premium...
Blind Chair Tricycle Reaper R7 Skateboard Deck 8.0 TJ Rogers
Blind Skateboards created by skateboard industry pioneer Mark Gonzales in 1989. Mark Gonzales left the company Vision, for which he was a pro rider, to start Blind – the name being a subtle dig toward Vision’s name. Gonzales was soon...
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